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Simple solutions…

to support your business and productivity needs and remote and nomadic lifestyle

General Services

Simple and to the point…


WordPress is our platform of choice. It’s simple to use, upgrade, and maintain – even for new users. New websites, overhauls, backups, restores, and site migration services are geared for WordPress.

Backups & Restores

Is your website backed up automatically?  There are online and offsite backup solutions that we can walk you through.

Site Migrations

Slow loading site or maybe you’re spending too much money on hosting? If you want to move your site to another host or with us, we can do that for you with little to no downtime.


Technology and Process consulting go hand in hand. Sometimes a process can be changed to yield better results or a new technology can be implemented to reduce time and cost.

Online Stores

Affiliate marketing, print on demand, and the other new trends are supported. This can be accomplished through WordPress or other platforms like Shopify.

WordPress Management

We cannot stress enough the importance of proper maintenance for your WordPress website. Regular maintenance ensures that your website runs smoothly, remains secure against potential threats, and provides the best possible experience for your users. This includes timely updates of WordPress itself, themes, and plugins, as well as regular monitoring for any potential security vulnerabilities. Additionally, having a robust backup and restore strategy is vital. Backups serve as a safety net, protecting your website’s data against loss due to hacking, server failures, or accidental deletions. Regular backups, ideally stored in multiple locations, enable quick recovery and minimal downtime in case of any mishap.

Online Affiliate Marketing

Our services revolve around helping clients maximize their affiliate marketing potential. This includes devising strategies for selecting the most profitable niches and appropriate affiliate networks that align with their business goals. I offer guidance on creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content that attracts and engages the target audience, driving affiliate sales. 


Managing and upkeep made simple. WordPress doesn’t need to be difficult and tedious to work with. Let’s make it fun and simple to use!

"The Dented Box team is always great to work with! They are timely, provide simple and yet, cost effective solutions to our small business needs"

– Chuck